Sunday, January 6, 2013

Super Helper

Yesterday just after lunch I decided that I needed to go out and get the back yard cleaned up. Dog likes to go out and kick up the rocks while she barks at the neighbor's dogs. Our whole back yard is rocks, so when she kicks up or digs up a spot, it is a glaring dirt hole in the middle of a sea of rocks. Plus we have Dog, and the backyard is Dog's toilet. I wanted to go even out the rocks, rake the weeds, and clean up the dog poop.

I went outside and started raking. Monkey came out to hang out with me. Bear told her that if she was going to be out there with me, that she needed to help me. Monkey picked up the child size rake that we have and started helping me rake the rocks over to cover the dirt spots. She never once complained or whined about having to clean up with me. She actually told me that it was more fun to do yard work with me than it was to clean the den alone.

I was surprised that she would rather do yard work. Cleaning up the den involves putting laundry in the hamper, trash in the trash can, and toys in the rooms. The backyard actually requires work... And yet she was perfectly happy to hang out and do the work with me without complaint. It made me happy to spend the time with her and that it was less work that I had to do. She's a good kid and she makes me proud.

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