Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mommy's Cup

Bug is two years old. It is still not 100% safe to give her a regular cup. She also still requests her cup with her at bed time. She still uses sippy cups. Or as she calls them "see-pee" cups.

This last week at work I won a raffle and won a coffee mug and a glass jar full of tea. 88 teabags. I have never seen so much tea in my life (other than at the grocery store). Anywho... this coffee mug that I won is a travel mug. It is a big, bright purple mug with a screw on lid.

When I got home from work with my mug, Bug grabbed it and ran over to Bear.

"Poppa! Mom's see-pee cup! Mom's purple see-pee cup!"

She then ran down the hall, got her green sippy cup and showed them both to me. She was so excited that we both have sippy cups. She also pointed out the fact that mine was purple and hers was green. Also, mine is bigger (because I am bigger than her).

But really... how exciting is that?? We have matching cups!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

24 Years Later...

I was going through pictures of the girls today. I found the most adorable picture of Monkey holding Bug on the day Bug was born.

Monkey and Bug 2010

 I also came across a picture of my brother and I when he was born.

Brother and I 1986

It is fun to see the similarities and differences between my kids and I at the same age.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Not Quite Camping

My parents moved into a smaller house recently. We are "storing" some of their stuff. One of the things that we currently have is a fire pit for the backyard. A few weeks ago we had some friends over to hang out, enjoy some drinks, and warm up by the fire. Monkey was completely taken with the fire. She sat and chatted with our friends. They were both completely amazed by her mature conversation.

The following weekend Monkey asked if we could do a fire again. We got some firewood from my parents and lit the fire. In order to keep the girls a safe distance from the fire, I laid down a blanket. They got their blankies and pillows and snuggled up to lay by the fire.

It was relaxing and fun. It was nice to spend some time as a family. It wasn't camping, but it was the next best thing. It also made me realize that I haven't been camping in YEARS. Bear hasn't been camping in slightly fewer years. And as sad as it is... my kids have NEVER been camping. I think that needs to be remedied. I know Monkey would be a little princess and dislike the dirty part of camping. And Bug would be more than happy to run off into the woods with the animals and bugs. It would be a learning experience for all of us though, thats for sure.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's A Date

Monkey and I went to a birthday party for her best friend at school. Friend's mom and I were talking. She told me a funny story.

Earlier in the week, her daughter brought home a piece of paper with five numbers on it and Monkey's name. She gave it to her mom and said that it was Monkey's number. Her mom was confused. It didn't look like an address, and there was not enough numbers for it to be a phone number. Her daughter insisted it was still Monkey's number and they are supposed to meet at Monkey's house to play.

During our conversation, the mother told me the numbers. 12345*. I just laughed. That was our house number. Monkey had given her friend our house number (no street) and told her to come over and play. They had it all worked out. They just had to figure out how to get the friend to our house.

If this is any indication of how things will go as she gets older, I am going to be a very busy mom.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Monkey MIA

Recently we started having Monkey ride the bus to and from school. The bus stop is one short block to the south and two long blocks to the east. On day one of riding the bus, Bear walked Monkey down to the bus stop. She realized that she had friends from the neighborhood to ride the bus with. Everything went well. She got on the bus went to school and had a great day.

Bear had finals that Monday and couldn't get home in time to pick her up from the bus stop. I took a half day so that I could make sure to be at the bus stop to pick her up after school. Bug and I walked down the street and waited. The bus came. The bus went. Monkey didn't get off at our stop. When she didn't get off I asked the bus driver, he said he thought she got off at the last stop. Bug and I walked down the street.... No Monkey.

I grabbed Bug and booked it back home. I jumped in the car and sped down the street. I crawled up and down streets looking for her. There was not a single child on the street anywhere. Instantly, my mind went to the deep dark basements, and the ditches on the side of the freeway. I called Bear, but he didn't answer. I called my mom. She offered to come help look. I didn't know what else to do. In case of emergency... Call Your Mommy.

After 20 minutes of panic and tears driving around my neighborhood, I got a phone call from the school. They had Monkey. I raced over to the school as fast as I could drive safely. Monkey, and an old man were walking up to the office as I got there. It took everything I had to thank the gentleman without bursting into tears. I gathered her and Bug up and whisked them away home. Safe and sound. Thank goodness.

What had happen was....

Monkey got off at the wrong stop. She was walking around the wrong little pocket neighborhood. A man saw her and asked her if she was lost. She said she couldn't find me or her house. The man went to another neighbor and asked him (the elderly man) to help her since he was in the middle of a landscaping job and couldn't help. The old man asked her where her house was. She told him the house number, but didn't know her street. They drove around a little bit looking for "a house with candy canes" that is near our house. The man asked her what school she went to, and he called the school, told them he had her, and drove her back to school. That's when I got the call.

That 20-30 minutes was the most terrifying time of my life. I think I aged 20 years. There are no words to describe the fear, relief and the gratitude I felt that day.

Break Is Over!

I haven't posted anything in the last couple of months. Life snuck up and got me. Work, kids school, husband school, and maintaining the house and the family has been time consuming lately.

But, I am back. tons of stories to tell. I am going to try to get several typed up today and schedule them out to autopost. I love the autopost feature.

Buckle up and read on!