Sunday, July 29, 2012

Try It One More Time

I have two daughters. Monkey is 5 and Bug is 2. They are complete and total opposites in just about every way. My 5 year old is quite the picky eater, whereas my 2 year old is a garbage disposal.

About a year ago, we had had my in-laws over for lunch. We went over to Subway and picked up sandwiches and brought them back to our house to eat. Bug (at the time was 1) will eat ANYTHING she can get her hands on. She was walking around scavenging anything that she could off of everyone's plates. As she came up to my brother-in-law's plate she found a slice of jalapeno. Bug swiped it off the plate and ran away before we could stop her.

Maybe I am a bad mom, but I saw potential comic value in this situation so I didn't try to stop her when she put the jalapeno slice in her mouth. I was not disappointed. Bug took a bite and got a mouthful of juice. She made the funniest baby bitter beer face I have ever seen. She promptly grabbed the jalapeno out of her mouth and gave it back to my brother-in-law. All of us couldn't help but laugh.

3 Minutes Later...

The little jalapeno thief showed up again. She grabbed the slice and ran away. I wasn't sure what was going to happen this time around since she already had experienced that taste the first time around. Sure enough... *BITE* and again with the bitter beer face. Bug quickly returned the jalapeno again.

1 Minute Later...

Rinse and repeat.

After the third round we finally decided that this game needed to end. We were worried that she was going to get jalapeno juice on her face or eyes. We thought that she might learn to not put anything and everything in her mouth after that less than pleasant experience. That is definitely not the case. One year later, there is still a natural motion from her hand to her mouth.

And Here We Are

I've tried blogging before. I think where I ran into the problem is that I was trying too hard to have an opinion about a specific thing. I tried a blog about sewing (which I actually really enjoyed), but that fell away because life happened and I haven't sewn in forever. I tried starting a blog about housework/organization but I fell off that wagon after only a few posts. The moral of this story is, I am trying again.

I was at my parents' house last night and I was telling them a story about my then 1 year old trying to eat jalapenos off my brother-in-law's sandwich. I thought it was a funny story, but nothing worth getting particularly excited about. After I finished the story, my dad came up to me and said:

"You should write some of these stories down. You have a way about telling stories and expressing yourself that is very engaging and entertaining."

So I thought "Eh, why not" and now I'm writing this. I am hoping this will work out better than previous attempts. I am not going to try to write about anything specific. I sew occasionally, read a lot, play video games, work 40 hours a week,wife, and mom. Plus about a million things more. I think I have a higher likelihood of follow through on this.

Let's see what happens.