Monday, February 4, 2013

Princess Glasses (Update)

At the beginning of the school year we found out that Monkey needs glasses. That story is here. This is the update.

Monkey got her eyes checked. She was nervous at first but the doctor was amazing and she had fun. After the exam she got to pick out her frames. She tried on about seven or eight pairs of frames. She finally picked out a cute pair. About 2 weeks later she had her glasses. She has been very good about wearing them every day. They haven't been lost or broken. She is absolutely in love with them. Her friends and teachers think they are great too.

I won't lie, I was nervous and scared for her. As it turns out... I didn't need to be.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saving A Buck... Or More

This is another rare post that isn't about my kids.

Bear lost his job back in September. Since then, we have been trying to make ends meet on my small paychecks. We decided that the best thing to do would be for Bear to go back to school full time and get his degree. When he gets his degree, he will be able to get a job with better pay (hopefully) and things will get better.

OK, now that the history lesson is over... lets get back to the point. We need to save money. One of my friends at work does couponing. Bear and I decided even if it saves a couple of bucks at a time it is better than nothing.

We got a printer (for other reasons too) and started following a couple of websites and started printing coupons from online sources. We started buying the Sunday paper and clipping coupons. It has been an awesome experience so far. Both of us cut. I organize and document the coupon info into excel. Bear makes the lists and I do the shopping.

We have made 4 very successful trips. Fry's has been doing Mega Deal week this last 2 weeks. Buy ten items on their sale list and get $0.50 extra off each item. Between that sale, the customer rewards card, and the coupons we have paid only $32.74 for $187.37 worth of groceries. We have not bought anything we would not already buy. We have stocked up on salsa, Kleenex, caprisun, and boxed rice dinners.

I was nervous at first to hand over so many coupons and hold up the line. I thought for sure I was guilty of something. There was no way our plan could work. Now after having done it a few times, I am more confident. It is fun watching the numbers just drop off. Spending $5.51 on a normally $45 purchase, or spending $1.31 on a $12 purchase is just amazing. Seeing the disbelieving looks on the faces of the cashier and people in line behind you is fun too.

I always thought coupons were silly. I have to say that I am now a believer. It has changed the way I look at and approach grocery shopping.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gamer Rage

I play video games. I have for years. I used to play a lot of RPG's. Mostly final fantasy. Then I played MMORPGs for years. After having kids, I could not put aside the time to play video games for hours on end without being interrupted. I have moved to playing first person shooters. My game of choice at the moment is Modern Warfare 3. One of my PS3 controllers is on the fritz. If you move it the wrong way, it will randomly open menus and click things. If I am in game, it will jump, change guns, or shoot without me wanting it to. This fantastic controller has caused me to Rage on more than one occasion.

I am not proud of it, but I swear and yell a lot when I play video games. Unfortunately for me... Bug has picked up on this habit of mine.

Last week I got home from work. I sat down and played Portal 2 for about 15 minutes. I then left the game on the menu screen and went to make dinner. Bug grabbed the controller and started pushing buttons. Somehow she managed to start a level. I heard her yelling from the front room. I looked into the front room and saw her:

Controller in her hands
Angry concentration look on her face.

Then I heard it... "Damn! Damn! Damn it! F*ck you!"

She put the controller down, balled up her fists, and yelled at the TV some more.

She saw that I was watching her. She looked at me with a big smile and said "I play video games like momma!"

It took everything I had not to burst into laughter and tears while watching her. She had the biggest look of accomplishment on her face for being just like mommy. I guess I know what needs to happen next. I need to adjust the way I react to my games. I don't need a little 2 year rage gamer. I am going to have enough trouble with her when she gets older.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Super Helper

Yesterday just after lunch I decided that I needed to go out and get the back yard cleaned up. Dog likes to go out and kick up the rocks while she barks at the neighbor's dogs. Our whole back yard is rocks, so when she kicks up or digs up a spot, it is a glaring dirt hole in the middle of a sea of rocks. Plus we have Dog, and the backyard is Dog's toilet. I wanted to go even out the rocks, rake the weeds, and clean up the dog poop.

I went outside and started raking. Monkey came out to hang out with me. Bear told her that if she was going to be out there with me, that she needed to help me. Monkey picked up the child size rake that we have and started helping me rake the rocks over to cover the dirt spots. She never once complained or whined about having to clean up with me. She actually told me that it was more fun to do yard work with me than it was to clean the den alone.

I was surprised that she would rather do yard work. Cleaning up the den involves putting laundry in the hamper, trash in the trash can, and toys in the rooms. The backyard actually requires work... And yet she was perfectly happy to hang out and do the work with me without complaint. It made me happy to spend the time with her and that it was less work that I had to do. She's a good kid and she makes me proud.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Curiousity Bug

Bug has been working on her communication a lot lately. she is now speaking in full sentences, and having complete conversations. Lately she has been very curious about sounds and noises.

"What make dat noise?"

Every time Bug hears a noise she asks that question. Most of the time she knows the answer, but sometimes she actually doesn't. The light in her eyes when she pops up her head and listens to whatever noise her little bug ears pick up is amazing.

Trucks, kids, dogs, noisy stomachs, video games, flushing toilets, and a million other sounds have piqued her interest. My little Bug with the supersonic ears and the deepest curiosity that a two year old can have.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mommy's Cup

Bug is two years old. It is still not 100% safe to give her a regular cup. She also still requests her cup with her at bed time. She still uses sippy cups. Or as she calls them "see-pee" cups.

This last week at work I won a raffle and won a coffee mug and a glass jar full of tea. 88 teabags. I have never seen so much tea in my life (other than at the grocery store). Anywho... this coffee mug that I won is a travel mug. It is a big, bright purple mug with a screw on lid.

When I got home from work with my mug, Bug grabbed it and ran over to Bear.

"Poppa! Mom's see-pee cup! Mom's purple see-pee cup!"

She then ran down the hall, got her green sippy cup and showed them both to me. She was so excited that we both have sippy cups. She also pointed out the fact that mine was purple and hers was green. Also, mine is bigger (because I am bigger than her).

But really... how exciting is that?? We have matching cups!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

24 Years Later...

I was going through pictures of the girls today. I found the most adorable picture of Monkey holding Bug on the day Bug was born.

Monkey and Bug 2010

 I also came across a picture of my brother and I when he was born.

Brother and I 1986

It is fun to see the similarities and differences between my kids and I at the same age.