Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mommy's Cup

Bug is two years old. It is still not 100% safe to give her a regular cup. She also still requests her cup with her at bed time. She still uses sippy cups. Or as she calls them "see-pee" cups.

This last week at work I won a raffle and won a coffee mug and a glass jar full of tea. 88 teabags. I have never seen so much tea in my life (other than at the grocery store). Anywho... this coffee mug that I won is a travel mug. It is a big, bright purple mug with a screw on lid.

When I got home from work with my mug, Bug grabbed it and ran over to Bear.

"Poppa! Mom's see-pee cup! Mom's purple see-pee cup!"

She then ran down the hall, got her green sippy cup and showed them both to me. She was so excited that we both have sippy cups. She also pointed out the fact that mine was purple and hers was green. Also, mine is bigger (because I am bigger than her).

But really... how exciting is that?? We have matching cups!

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